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The Dark Parts

Rose quartz is the perfect stone to utilize when you're afraid of your dark parts. These are the parts you consider ugly; worth hiding from those around you. They're the things you think about and you're glad no one can read your mind. It's the time you spend alone with inner turmoil. It's the taboo subjects. It's the tears that keep streaming, even when you thought there were no more tears to be had. It's the underground, fungal, subconscious, witchy, shameful, blood and guts kind of stuff. We've become afraid of it. Afraid of the bacterial infections and earthy smells. Afraid of the dark, the healing, the death, and the change. We remain caterpillars because the depths of the chrysalis fill us with dread.

My dark parts are certainly not on display for the world. I have felt shame about my body, my job, my thoughts, actions, insecurities, failures, choices, and habits in the past. I have been working hard on sitting in the dark parts and appreciating them. Practice gratitude toward their existence. I heal in the dark parts; where the fungus grows and beings crawl off toward in preparation for death. Where beings are born. Where the leaves are brown and soggy, the light barely reaches, and the cold seeps into your bones. In the basement.

This topic comes up again and again. "It's evil," they say. Our endless explanations concerning why the dark parts are wrong and avoidable. Why they just can't go there. Spirit is there just as much as it is in the sun, moon, and stars. Women are forced to withdraw during the bleeding of their menstrual cycle. They reside in the dark parts, release, and come back into the light. The ancients believed it was their highest purpose to teach their protectors (males) how to do the same.

So if you hate the dark parts, if the pain is too much and the routine is stifling, rose quartz will help you open your heart. Love yourself, love others. Know yourself, understand others. Be great. You already are. And you came readymade with access to the dark parts. It's okay to be blind in the chrysalis. A butterfly needs the caterpillar and chrysalis experience to have the wisdom to see everything from above.

Rose quartz from @newmoonbeginnings


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