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Starseed Stress Response

And now a channeled message:

Here is me, during/coming out of the climax of a stress response. Holding onto nothing but my breath. Join me here when you need to find your center during your peaks, troughs, and plateaus. The moment rises and sets like the sun through the window behind me. Rainbow reaching out to you.

I put a great deal of attention on the centers Heart and Pineal. And there are no rules for your tapping. Do whatever you feel in the moment. You can’t mess this up. Every time I do it, it looks a little different. Do your best to breathe, move energy up from your root, release through the crown. Trust and surrender. Let the waves crash and pull. Because we do not move through space and time, space and time moves through us.

What you don’t see, is the build up from the last hour, hours, days, weeks, months, years, lifetime[s] to get me to this point. What you don’t see, is the resistance I carried to “handle it,” breathe through it, get over it, and get back to work. Hours. Don’t even get me started on the guilt and shame associated with my incompetence. I couldn’t get over it. Even though I wanted to.

And then I was tapping. What you might not notice: the tears and snot pouring out of me, my voice breaking, my dog whining softly asking for a walk and dinner. The second I was done, I felt somewhat normal again.

Tapping calms the nervous system stress response by introducing stimuli (ie the tapping) that doesn’t align with the biological response. There isn’t really an instance where the body would experience tapping and simultaneously need to elicit a fight, flight, and/or freeze behavior pattern. So, in its natural quest for balance, body slows the response when you tap. Heart rate decreases, adrenaline decreases, pupils contract, breathing slows. You are centered.

Downloads: emotional waves and/or physical discomfort signifying the arrival of cosmic healing/knowledge.

In action: they come into our “hard drives” by entering the mind (pineal, third eye) first. Then we accept the newness as true and it enters the heart. Finally, the body accepts and adapts to the new truth. Body has the most intense habitual rituals and is the most dense part of our light body. It takes the most time, in many cases, to align with the new truth. When we welcome change, we must welcome it with all we are. If you have asked for healing, these downloads will provide insight. Tapping is the storage space, the foundation, for this newness to stand on when it arrives for you. And there are many other actions we can take to maintain our foundations. “Follow your excitement,” @mattkahn. Deepen your experience and remember who you are. When you get to the place where you don’t know—decide. This is deeply personal and unique for each individual. You got this.

Upgrade available: Do you want to install now or later? Now; Try later tonight.

So drive your mind. Fuck conditioning, neurons regenerate. Make it different for yourself. Discover the story you’ve been written into. Rewrite it or abandon it, choose awareness. You do have control over that. You get to wake up every day and be you. What a privilege. Thank you for being. You are perfect and amazing and loved. So drive your mind like it’s a car taking you to your dreams. Matter is neither created nor destroyed. Make it something else. Send whatever color you’re holding back to the white light. You are the prism: light is split into color through you. Choose your color. Perception is reality. Drive your mind.

And if anything spooky might show up, a friend of mine once told me, “shoot it with light.”

Here are just a few areas that tapping has enhanced in my experience:

Nervous system rewiring, triggers, ego death, panic attacks, manic/depressive/anxious episodes, psychic/psychotic breaks, tantrums, migraines, meditation, releasing energy blocks, opening energetic centers, reconnecting to cosmic medicine, nightmares: a starseed stress response.

Don’t forget to breathe.



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