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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Use your chakras. Close your mind. Close your third eye and drop into the heart (drums, meditation, plant medicine, sensory deprivation, chanting, dancing, etc). Use the breath to anchor throughout the process of surrender. No rules, just returning awareness to the breath as you move through each chakra.

Start at your creation, you exist, root. The One. Be. In love.

Move to duality, experience two extremes to understand the oneness. Yin and yang. Know that all comes from love, the center of all things.

Plexus. Kundalini. Your responsibility for your actions mirrored back at you. Your center of power. All expressions of love. Forgive. See your snake coiled to protect you. Love it, hold it steady. Honor it's protection of your deepest power and treasure. It is the dragon that guards the castle.

Heart. Honor you as you honor all things. Feel your vibration, physically touch your black hole at heart's center, spitting the new out your back. It is the leader of the body, the stable square. Open it's eye (there are specialized neural cells here and they aren't just for electricity, think pineal gland but better for this eye guides the next. "The mind makes a poor master, but an excellent servant," to the heart). Feel your vibration...

As it becomes the vibration of all things

Throat. Feel the expression of all truths. All truths are true. Because they are love. Feel the earth's vibration as part of your rhythm. Breathe with all things. Like the top of the pyramid, the 5th dimension exists to be the observer of the first 4.

Mind/third eye. Use it to see all of these experiences, not do, simply observe. As above so below, the mirror of 5. It's the tip of the inverted pyramid. The shadow work. Surrender. Send it to heart's black hole for rebirth.

Crown. Become the present. Past your pain and thoughts. Become the breath. I believe this is the center of the two pyramids.

8 with the 7 laws of the universe, see the tree of life. See each sphere (ie dimension) split into another and another until it is the flower of life. Mitosis. And there are leaves and roots and flowers and fruits. You are a seed in the tree, to be replaced and grow into another tree, a twin of the first. Balance, cycles, the 8. Infinity. Hear your subconscious, the inner child, and hold them in love. Know it is a universal child. Hear/feel the ancestral cycles. Feel the donut of energy flowing up all chakras and out the crown, falling down, back up the root. Just as the earth does. The symbol of the tree. Feel the Akashic records, within this tree. This tree is the matrix, manifested from The One, love. It exists for experience. Contemplate the first dimension totally here. All is love, surrender to what love has to offer. The body does what it does (and it may protest). Leave it to be.

9 be nothing. Dance in the stillness. Feel and breathe. No I, simply am. Feel and breathe.


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