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Remember, Remember

The 5th of November

Remember, remember. That I still love you.

That I want to be there. Everything work out.

For everyone, all the time, always.

You don't get the kind of love you want. You get the kind you need,

I saw a vulture sitting on a jersey wall.

On the parkway. Overpass going above 29.

Cleaning itself.

Massive and graceful.


You don't deserve half way.

My lap is so warm rn.

The fireplace breathes. Shoot out light in terror.

a tall lighted man naked

shoot out light

huge energy; massive power, quiet grace

couldn't possibly be ignored

shoot out light


nicotine devil craves

he puts his hand on my shoulder

shoot out light

burst into tears

"I'm sorry," he echos. I'm sorry too.

Towering over me, "Let me take him with me."

Tears for the spell collected. Okay.

The black out line is what he grabs

We are free.

What makes me so sure all the time?

Fire wands because humans

only have control over action

and never

the response.


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