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Dearest You

I met my replacement today.

Life survives on life.

Life exists because you are trampled,

Because I am trampled.

My role is to be trampled

So that someone may exist.

Kill. Eat. Cry. Repeat.

Joy. Your role is to be trampled.

This is to be worshiped.

Without our loss,

There is no existence.

And dearest you,

We will win and we will lose. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Try not to dwell within materials. Open your heart. Love them anyways. See things as they are, not as they can be perceived. You are not your wage, your age, or your address. You are not a stereotype. You are not what your parents/children think of you. You are not your job title/description. You are more. The serpent eats its own tail to exist. And so he should be thanked both for eating and for being eaten. Give thanks. We are trampled and we experience the adventure. We trample. We’ll take turns doing each.

Choose to love them anyways. Love yourself in spite of the mistakes and the pain.

Love always,



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